Soft Grunge; Hard Sass

THE LOOK (my first look, yay!)

Okay, lets attack this sassy. edgy, grungy, end of winter look. I took these photos a few weeks ago and it was FREEZING outside! I had this outfit envisioned but it wasn’t really appropriate for 20 degree weather… but sometimes we have to suffer to look good, right? 😉 I am going to be linking the best places to find each of these items for the best quality and price. Starting from the bottom—up…

Black Chunky BootiesI bought these from rue21 and to be completely honest, I am not a huge fan of rue21. Once in a blue moon I find something with true quality. Prices are great, but quality is lacking for the majority of the time. I bought them in December for about 7 dollars I think…? Even though Ohio’s winter is not over until March, after December prices tend to drop on winter clothing, which is great for Ohio residents!

Knee High Socks/Tights The tights are from Pacsun and I bought them a few years ago when I worked there (great company btw). They were probably around 7-10 dollars, but you can literally find tights everywhere. I cannot remember where I bought the knee-high socks but again, those can be bought anywhere, especially in department stores. People seem to chose either tights or knee highs, but why not both? Wearing both gives variety and warmth.

Long Sleeve Stripe Sweater DressThis, warm and thick, dress is from Forever21. I bought it during their blowout black Friday sales, for 10 dollars. I was beyond impressed with the quality of the dress considering it only being 10 dollars. I was going to wear this dress for dressy occasions but it really is more of a casual dress and when I paired it with denim…ahhhhh…LOVE.

Jean Hooded JacketI am going to start off by saying how in love I was with this jacket. I found it on this website called Romwe. I was not totally game to buy stuff from Romwe at first because the prices are extremely cheap and the clothes look super cute… it seemed too good to be true. Well it isn’t a dream…the quality is actually WAY better than I had expected. I bought the jacket thinking it would fit loose, like a boyfriend fit, but it fit me perfect. I guess I cant complain because it does fit, but I envisioned something more slouchy. I went with the XL and I am usually a medium/large, which goes to show that Romwe does run super extra small. Don’t be afraid double or triple size if you plan to purchase from Romwe. Other than the size issues, I love the website. The prices are amazing, almost everything is under 30 dollars. I have not seen anything above 40 dollars maximum. They have some really trendy clothes that, to be honest, I have never seen before.

Accessories—Okay, so my favorite part…accessories! I bought the hat from Pacsun…it is Brandy Melville and it says ‘New York’ across the front. I am obsessed with New York, and its fun to pretend you are from somewhere else other than Ohio! The choker is hard to see but it is on the thick side and tightly braided. I bought it from New York and Company last year. I love chokers! Because this outfit is bold, the thick choker was a solid choice. I used to be big into long pendant necklaces (which are still great) but I am really into the whole 90s throwback chokers. Who doesn’t love a little nostalgia here and there?

Review— This outfit is edgy and soft grunge and one of my favorite outfits I have put together. Sometimes going to class day in and out gets boring and repetitive so putting together a sassy outfit makes my day that much better. This look has me walking around campus like a queen! I wanted to creative a look to get my readers excited for what I plan to be writing/blogging/recording about. My style does change day to do so if this look doesnt exactly suite your style, don’t worry, I promise I will have something you will be able to relate to and incorporate into your own style.

*Key Takeaways*

  1. Winter clothes are cheaper after December.
  2. Layering tights and knee-highs is a good thing.
  3. Romwe is a legit website.
  4. Express yourself through the clothes you wear everyday, and be a boss. Always be a boss.


I hope you enjoyed the read and I hope this will inspire your next outfit. Don’t forget to comment below with suggestions, likes, dislikes, etc. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoy the rest of your week/weekend!


…with peace and love, -Macey









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