Leopard, Faux Suede and a lot of Leg


Hey everyone, how are we doing today? I am so excited to talk about this look! No more snow, just sunshine. The fact is has been in the 60-70’s makes me SO SO happy you guys! Now I can actually look like something other than a hobo in 45,000 layers. Okay so anyway, nude, camel, suede, neutrals, mixed prints, leopards….so many of my favorites in one outfit. Lets get started…(for a quick review, scroll to the bottom for the key takeaways)

Shoes– The shoes are from Charlotte Russe, super affordable and super comfy. They really do have thee best assortment of shoes that are moderate- good quality. I love to add the leopard booties to a plain outfit for subtle flair. LOVE these booties with cuffed jeans as well.

Shift Dress- Okay, so the dress is from Gabriel Brother’s, which is definitely a hit, or miss store. If you have ever been there, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I can’t promise that you will find this exact dress in a store near you because they only have a limited selection of clothes and they usually come and go pretty fast. However, this dress was about 10 dollars and I absolutely love it. It is a thick strap shift dress, so simple. I loved dressing it up with the full scarf, necklace and booties. But it makes for a cute simple, basic dress too…without accessories. The length is perfect for me. I was a little timid to wear something this short but after about 10 minutes, I got comfortable and loved showing off the legs! Here are some websites to find similar faux suede dresses, Bloomingdales’s, Nordstrom, Express. (most of the websites I checked are completely sold out)

Sweater Cape– I literally never know what to call these things, so lets go with ‘cape’, I like that. I do looooove these sweater capes. I bought this from Forever a few months ago for I believe 10 dollars-ish. Honestly, the quality of this particular cape isn’t the best. It serves the purpose of looking good but it isn’t thick, or very warm. I would recommend spending a little more to get a good quality sweater cape. One of the reasons I bought this was so I could low-key get away with wearing a blanket in public, but no. It’s just a cute, camel cape. I tagged ponchos from Asos because they have a deep assortment.

Accessories- Oh my gosh. I bought this scarf from Pacsun years ago and I wear it TOO much. I wish I could find one as good at this one but I can’t seem to. It is so basic… a plaid scarf…ugh but I love it. The necklace was a Christmas present from my best friend Sierra. I love her. I believe she bought it from Charming Charlie, which I am not surprised because they have thee best jewelry ever. You can literally find either of these anywhere.

Key Takeaways

Legs—I have a good feeling about emphasized legs this spring/summer just don’t forget to shave….. lol

 Light Nudes—find nude color that is 2-3x lighter than your skin to make you look tan

Discount Stores- stores like Gabriels, Marshals, TJ Maxx and even thrift shops always have unique things, you just have to hunt for them

 Slayyyyy—be a queen and slay everyday…. EVERYDAY!

I absolutely loved creating this look and shooting these pictures. Special thanks to my best friend Angela Vaughn for taking these amazing pictures for me. She is too good. Check out her Youtube Channel and her blog.


                            …with peace and love,








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